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Travel Time and Expenses: For travel of more than sixty miles from downtown Bradenton, Florida, there will be a charge of $250/hour for travel time (portal to portal) divided equally by the number of parties. In addition, when necessary to attend an out-of-town mediation, airfares, lodging, rental cars, parking and meals will be billed at their actual cost.


Payment: Law firms and lawyer – not their clients—will be billed and are responsible for the mediation bill. Payment is due within 10 days of the date of the bill and is not conditioned on settlement, receipt of settlement funds or payment by a client. Past due bill will accrue interest at the highest legal rate and will result in additional charge for time and fess spent on collection. Pro Se litigants must make arrangements for advance payment based upon the anticipated charges or for payment to be made at the conclusion of the mediation.


Cancellation Policy: The mediator in this case has been engaged to conduct this mediation. As such, we are accepting this engagement to the exclusion of scheduling other work for the day and the time which has been reserved. Due to the difficulty of scheduling a new case when there is a cancellation, the time and expenses already incurred in scheduling and preparing for the cancelled conference, and the positive effect a scheduled conference can have in settlement negotiations, the following policies have been adopted: If scheduled for a half day, a cancellation fee of three hours time will be due at the applicable hourly rate if cancelled less than five (5) full calendar days before the scheduled Mediation date. If scheduled for a whole day, a cancellation fee of seven hours time will be due at the applicable hourly rate if cancelled less than five (5) full calendar days before the scheduled mediation date. Unless the parties in the case agree on who should pay the cancellation fee, all parties, through their attorneys, if any, shall be financially responsible for their share. All cancellations should be communicated in writing, by email, with the agreement of all parties and counsel, if any, noted. Cancellation fees apply regardless of whether the mediation being cancelled is, or is to be, rescheduled. However, cancellation fees will NOT apply if we are able to schedule another mediation in place of the cancelled mediation.

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